Atomy's binary system enables us to help others.  You only have to do the same efforts - join, sign up those who need money and sign up those below that can afford to purchase.  Contact us for more information.

How Can You Help?

Again, because of the way Atomy's system works,  we at are attempting to help the homeless make some money for food and shelter.  


With Atomy's binary system it is easy to help others have a better life, for offshore workers to make money to send home and hopefully return to their families.  See our OFW page for more information and our goals to help others

Our Values

Our Vision's mission



It's not just an online shopping mall. It's a mall for your every need

Atomy is a revolution in the network marketing industry! With no fees ever, and no incentives tied to recruiting or bonus levels, Atomy is an honest and fair opportunity for everyone.

Atomy only sells online, which means it can keep lower pricing on high quality products.  Products such as HemoHIM, an immunity booster to skin care products from the same factories as many of the famous brands you readily recognize. From toothpaste with bee propolis, the softest toothbrushes you can imagine to hair shampoo and conditioner that leaves you feeling like you just left the salon. is a team that wishes to share Atomy products and expand their own businesses – but we want to do more.  We want to teach others what we have learned about healthy living and why Atomy’s products may be part of the answer.   

About Us

Who are we?



  To educate others about Atomy and the benefits for your health and well-being.  

Beautiful inside and out.


To not only expand our business but to help others such as the homeless, OFW's and others through outreach programs, to live a healthier lifestyle, while earning money with dignity.


Beautiful inside and out.

We believe in Atomy. We believe in honesty and morality. We do not hide that Atomy is a direct selling business - we just wish to show how it is different.

Beautiful inside and out.