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Lucy is a OFW, a mother who works in Kuwait. Click on her name to listen to her story

Those of us at want to help these OFW’s through Atomy.  By signing up for a free membership (This membership has NO cost, NO monthly fees, NO minimums, NO autoship) and purchasing  daily essentials, health and beauty products from Atomy ( products that would be purchased anyhow) each OFW that is an active member of Atomy will make a commission and be able to help their families.  Meaning that instead of working an extra job to make enough money to send home, they will be able to make money from Atomy and help their families do the same.  Atomy's binary system helps make it easier to help others

A Filipino domestic worker in Hong Kong earning the minimum wage would have to pay more than HK$1,660 annually in order to work in Hong Kong.  The requirements to work in other countries are similar, with different amounts owed by the worker. 

To work in Poland it would be 500kPHP.  The visa processing in Poland is 2500 euro’s just to stay for a year – which means that one years employment  – (8 hours picking mushrooms, which is mostly the work available at 4CND/hr) – is not enough.

Third world recruitment scheme promise people from poor countries good salaries – but the reality is slavery

A law Duterte signed in February 2019 required OFWs to pay 3 per cent of their salary every month to PhilHealth. PhilHealth  requires proof of to the state insurer before a worker could be issued an overseas employment certificate allowing them to work abroad. Under a new law, the 3 per cent premiums in 2020 would rise to 5 per cent by 2024. The new premiums would affect an estimated 2.3 million OFWs who, in 2019, contributed remittances worth US$33.5 billion to the Philippines, or 9.3 per cent of the GDP, according to the country’s central bank.

Then COVID hits…..

Covid to cost $71,700 overseas

 The Philippines expects 45,000 overseas workers to return home in May and June, adding to the 26,700 that have already been repatriated after losing their jobs due to the pandemic………….Filipi

They have to return to a country that they may love but can’t afford to survive in.

We know that the Philippines are beautiful and we dream about sunshine, beaches and palm trees – but the reality for the native people is anything but beautiful.   

Many many Filipino women and men leave their homes and families simply to make enough money to survive on.  And by leave, I mean leave the country. They don’t want to, they have no choice.   Children are raised by parents or other family members, not seeing their parents for months or years at a time.

The ofw story is often a difficult one

Offshore workers

OFW Story - the Sad Tale of Offshore Workers



It's not just in the Philippines that people are leaving their families and working in another country.

We want to try to help those in Africa and India and elsewhere.  The Philippine people are just 

a beginning.  It doesn't matter where you live, Atomy is a conduit to making an income and helping families to be reunited.  Atomy has a global ID, members are from around the world.