Basically it works like this. Quite simple. Once you register you become a member, and then, when you register the next person under you, they automatically become a member under your left leg.

The next person you register, you register them on your right leg. Here you put in your sponsor ID, (this is your personal ID), and it splits your line.

Now you have one member on your left, and one member on your right. For the time being, you are balanced.

From here on in, when you add another consumer on either leg, you are not using your personal ID anymore. You use the ID of the last person that you registered on the leg that you want to place them in. It then

becomes the sponsorship ID. It continues in this manner.

Another interesting and important fact is that Atomy also has unlimited levels. This is exciting.


In Atomy we have a ceiling cap, meaning that the company only lets us make up to $1500.00 a day, or $50,000 a month. This means that everyone who works at this, creates the volume of sales required, can make the same money as someone above them in their lineage. It means that someone below you can actually make more money than you if they put in the required effort to do so.


Once you accumulate a certain amount of points Atomy will compensate you with a commission.

Your own purchases create your own personal PV’s. PV stands for point value and every product that you order has a point value attached to it. These point values vary according to product.


You need a certain number of PV’s to generate a commission. To start earning commissions you need 10,000 personal PV’s. This may sound like a lot, but it isn’t hard to achieve. That is simply two boxes of toothpaste and one box of toothbrushes.

Personal PV’s never flush – they never expire, never go away.

Each purchase from each member on each of your legs, there are only two remember, create PV’s that add to their personal PV points – but also flow upwards. Once each leg accumulates 300,000 PV’s during the 1st to the 15th period or during the 16th to the end of the month period, then you get a commission. At 10,000 personal PV’s you only receive approximately $23.00 commission. So, you want to get to a level of 300,000 personal PV’s, so that your commission is more like $70.00 each time. This could be weekly, it could be daily. It depends on how many people are purchasing – or how big the purchases are. So your goal is to add as many members to your legs – maintaining a balance (this is easier then it sounds)- so that regular purchases flow through everyone.

Since the PV’s flow through everyone above the purchaser, this helps everyone with points, not just you. Whatever they purchase, you get 100% of the PV and it doesn't matter if they're directly under you or 100 lines below you or 10,000 lines below you.


The following are the Mastership levels that you can acquire and if you are serious about residual income, then this is what you want to achieve. Simply by talking to people and sharing quality products.


Next level is 700,000, so once your personal points are at 700,000 and your left and right legs both hit 700,000 PV’s then you are getting paid about $150.

Sounds daunting, but again, it is entirely doable. And you aren’t doing this all on your own. As people use and fall in love with our products, they talk about them and share. And they come to you to get their ID. Remember too, that only some will make Atomy their business – the rest are consumers, and it is consumer purchases that create PV’s, that in turn become commissions.


The goal is to make commission daily.


Next level requires 1.5 million personal PV’s and so then1.5 million PVs on each leg providing a commission of approximately $300


Next level requires 2.4 million personal PV’s

so 2.4 million on your left leg and same for your right leg, then your commission is approximately $450


Next level again requires personal PV of 2.4 million, – now there is no longer any need to further your own personal PV’s, at this point you are qualified for commission for forever, – it is all based on group PV, – so each leg then needs to generate 6 Million PV’s for a commission of approximately $750


Next level – again, Personal PV of 2.4 Million, – each leg requiring PV of 20,000 for a commission of $1250.


Final level 2.4 million personal PV – each leg accumulating 50,000 PV, gives the commission of $1500 – which again is our ceiling cap.


Each of these levels are to be completed within either the 1st to the 15th of the month or the 16th to the end of the month to achieve these mastership levels and bonuses. Again, this isn’t done all on your own, so don’t panic – it is a team effort and the team benefits as well so they have motivation to help you.


Each level of Mastership has bonuses too – that vary with each level – with the final bonus being One Million Dollars. Is that a goal or not?


I want to point out that your left and right legs will wait for the lower leg - so say your left leg has 100,000 PV’s and your right side has 300,000 PV’s, the system will wait for your left side to hit that 300,000 PV’s. So you're not going to lose those PV’s until you receive your commission. Let me remind you that the personal PV’s don’t flush, only your left and right leg once you have received commission. Then the group PV’s restart.



So what happens to all of that extra money that someone would have earned past that $50,000 a month, well that goes into a surplus Commission which then goes into a larger Commission pool and that money is paid back to people who are just starting in our business.


In Atomy we help each other. We become a team, we have your back. It doesn’t matter if it takes two months, 6 months or even a year, – Atomy is there to help if you want to have a serious business. And the best thing is that it doesn’t take a large outlay of cash to build your business, – you just have to talk to people and share the products.







Compensation in 
more detail