Lucy Davin

Lucena  Davin is 36 years of age, a single mother of 3 and an OFW in Kuwait for the past seven years.  Before she went to Kuwait as an OFW, her life was in the Philippines.  It's not really easy being a single mother and needing to work hard to send her children to school, buy them food, and clothing and everything that they want. She was the only one caring for them and she made the difficult decision to work abroad to make a better life for them.


In Kuwait she has worked hard, sometimes 16 hours a day. She was lucky and found a good employer, but she still has a lot of responsibility and the job is often stressful.


Lucy has a dream to be a business woman.  She is strong and determined and doesn't let failure or rejection bring her down.


We introduced her to Atomy and even though at present there isn't a warehouse in Kuwait, she has found many ways to do her Atomy business and she is doing an amazing job.  She is using several of our products and the benefits are showing.  It isn't easy, nothing worthwhile is, but we have faith that she will enjoy an easier life, one that includes being with and raising her children herself.  She is an amazing woman and we are so proud to have her as part of our team. We are behind her all the way and we know that she will make her dream happen and return home to be with her children where they all belong.