An Amazing Atomy Success Story

Weekly April 18,2021
 with Ruben Fernando

Ruben Fernando is a recently promoted Star Master in Atomy. Star Master is a great accomplishment within Atomy and is the 4th of 7 possible mastership levels. 


What is most amazing about Ruben's journey is NOT that he has achieved the rank of Star Master. Atomians know that achieving even the highest levels of mastership is possible for any member who puts in the hard work and never stops sharing the Atomy vision. The most amazing thing about this accomplishment is that Ruben achieved Star Master in a period of only 34 months, since first joining Atomy.


We were recently honored when Ruben joined us for our regular weekly team meeting on Sunday April 18, 2021. On behalf of all of the members of Quake Team and Team Unstoppable, we want to thank Ruben for taking the time to share his wisdom and guidance with us. 


Thank you again Ruben for taking time from your busy schedule to share your journey with us, particularly since your team is not directly linked with our teams. Your vision, generosity, and humility will not soon be forgotten.




The following are video excerpts from our weekly meeting. We have included both 1080p video clips as well as 480p, for those members around the world who may not have a high bandwidth internet connection. Please email if you require access to download any of these clips.

Jon Intro 480p

Thank You & Goodbye

Full Meeting 480p

Full Meeting 1080p

Question1 480p

Question2 480p

Question3 480p

Question4 480p

Question1 1080p

Question2 1080p

Question3 1080p

Question4 1080p

Ruben Lecture 480p

Ruben Lecture 1080p