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It’s simple really.   Atomy only sell quality products at affordable prices.   Skin care products from the same factory -KOLMAR- that produces for Chanel, Sephora, MAC, Lacombe, Estee Lauder and many more famous brands.  Atomy only sells online, so  the costs they save from having a physical presence are passed down to us.   Atomy has healthcare products such as HemoHIM,  an immunity booster originally created not for the public, but for the health of those working in radiation. There are testimonies stating that it has helped people who are going through chemotherapy.  Spirulina, Probiotics, Vitamin C, Omega 3’s and more.

Daily Essentials


From hair products to toothpaste to laundry detergent and so much more

Beauty Products


High quality products from the same factory as MAC, Sephora, Lancome, Chanel and many others at prices we can afford

Health Products


Made from natural ingredients harvested at just the right time for maximum efficacy


The hope for this website is to help educate others on health and wellness. To educate you on the difference Atomy products can make in your life.  In order to earn your trust so that we might share part of our journey together, we have built this site without any way to get paid. We don’t want your money, and will not be asking you for any money, ever!

Since we began our journey with Atomy we have learned so much.  We are much healthier and happier.  We have better skin, shinier, softer hair and more energy.  We are here to share this journey with you.  With this in mind, please check out our blog and re-visit often to keep up to date. does not sell Atomy products directly, but we are here to help you understand why these products can help you on your own journey to health and wellness.   

Oh and there also happens to be the amazing Atomy business opportunity to consider as well. 

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Real testimonials from real people using our products and those who have joined us

What Our People Have To Say

Why Choose Atomy?

As a working mom its not easy to deal each day. Waking up early in the morning. It’s the hard part. I have to deal with pains, sore muscles and head aches. Feeling unrested. Insomniac is killing me. And sometimes dysmenorrhea is not good to look forward every month. Working long hours and on my feet all day was very tiring. Similar with my husband. He needs to deal with pain and sore body everyday. He supposed to have a knee operation but because we found this product called Hemohim. It makes the whole thing changed. For more than year his knee back to normal without undergoing knee operation. It’s great! And for me, I have more energy to get through the day. Body pains, sore muscles and others are not on our list anymore. Sleeping all through the night it’s not an issue anymore. It’s just makes our day better and better
Babylyn Subiaga

If you have any types of allergies you will know how uncomfortable it is.  I have suffered from seasonal allergy for around 8 years. Now it’s all the past. Many people who have allergies asking me how I was able to get rid of allergies.

All the credit goes to Hemohim. When I start taking hemohim I had zero expectation since it was a product my mom gave to me.
But around two weeks of taking I have noticed that my energy level went up and around 6 months later a miracle happened. No more season allergy!!!
 I can proudly say that I am allergy-free, and It has been 6 years already. Life has been fabulous without seasonal allergy and I haven’t caught a cold, looks like HEMOHIM did an amazing job by boosting my immune system.
Now Hemohim isn’t the only product I’m using from Atomy, Atomy is the only brand I’m using for my family.
                    Aeri Jeong

I started taking Hemohim regularly since December 2019. These are the benefits I get from taking Hemohim even though I believed I was in good health, nothing abnormal in my bloodwork.

  • No cold or flu after Nov 2019

  • No migraine headache ( I usually got 2 migraine symptoms a month ever since I turned 40)

  • Less mood Swing

  • Skin tags disappear on their own

  • No morning foot pain

  • No knee pain

  • Better reflex

  • Have energy even with little sleep

  • Lost about 5 pounds and kept it off with no diet change. In addition to Hemohim, I also take Pu'er Tea to help my fat metabolism, Fish oil and Probiotics to help better overall health. I think the results are satisfactory because I escaped the cold/viral infection when my boys and my husband caught some cold at the end of Jan 2020 and have not been sick ever since.

Kanchana Panaram

I was introduced to HEMOHIM - Dietary Food Supplement February of 2019. Having a nerve irritation on my neck that run down to my shoulder… causes a lot of pain and troubles to my daily activities. All sorts of medical options have been tried for 3 months, and YET - still NO effect, much even get worst. My medical condition brings me to an unbearable pain for many months. My immune system started to deteriorate, as I could NOT sleep well and eat properly. By God grace, a co-worker of mine, share to me a box (6 sachet) of HEMOHIM. Right away I started taking it, after 5 days I felt the difference, my sleeping disorder starting to get better, my runny nose also dried up.During that nerve problem, I am also suffering a pain on my swollen knee. I was scheduled to undergo a surgery. And again, my knee gets better and I avoided the surgery process. To un-expected event, this amazing product restored my worsening medical conditions. I believed with the effectiveness of HEMOHIM. It also helps boost my immune system. HEMOHIM brings back my health, even much better than it was before my medical issue.At 40's I am enjoying fully my love of sports, playing three straight basketball games, as a proof. The reason that I like to share my story… if this product helped me and many others. Surely, many more will also be in-need of HEMOHIM.

John Castor

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That’s easy.  For quality and pricing.  Atomy’s products are from the same source – KOLMAR- that many famous skincare brands are from.  By selling online, Atomy reduces cost and passes those savings on to our consumers


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Atomy.Work does not sell products directly. This website is for information on products that we believe are beneficial to everyone's health and well being. Products that we and our friends and family use ourselves so we speak from experience. We wish to share what we have learned and to direct others to a healthier, happier lifestyle. We also hope you will consider the Atomy business opportunity.